N998HL REALISE rubberized swimsuits in 3 colors

N998HL REALISE rubberized swimsuits in 3 colors

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This is a pre-order for the style N-998-HL in the colors gold, gunmetal and silver. The pre-order is possible for the following sizes: S, M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L and 5L. The suits are currently announced for the end of December 2019 / start of January 2020.

Please notice that the product images (unless noted otherwise on the photo) are photo manipulations that reproduce the new colors (according to the manufacturer's instructions) as much as possible. The product images will be updated as soon as available from the manufacturer.

Model / Style : N 998 HL (hairlining)

Hydrasuit | swimsuit | leotard in Realise´s athletic style with sportsback, with medium high legs and covered cheeks (N-Cut) and open back (sportsback).

Color (surface) :

  • metallic black
  • silver
  • light gold (champagner)

The textile inside of the suits is red.

Brand / country of manufacturer :

REALISE / Japan, designed & produced in Japan

Material :

99X-HL "Hairline" rubberized series, Japan ENAMEL; Looks like latex, rubber, vinyl from some distance; If you come closer you see the fine hairlining structure which adds to the  brilliant shine the character of a solid metal surface.

Surface: 100% polyurethane, lining: approx 70% polyamid, approx 30% polyurethane (fabric mix is not known in details atm)

Get more information about the 99X-HL -material at our Realise material page.



This swimsuit is available in following color options :

  • metallic black
  • silver
  • gold, light gold (champagne gold)

Size informations :

This swimsuit is produced in Japanese sizes only. We have translated this sizes to European sizes and created an detailed size chart. Please get informed about measurements and sizes before your purchase.

Realise sizechart Europe

Realise sizechart details

Easy Stretch: Because of the high stretch level of this fabric you have approx. 5% space upwards wihin your measurements - approx. 2 - 3 cm.

Available sizes :

This swimsuit is produced in Japanese sizes  M to 5L (~ UK 4 - 12/14), but not in all colors. I have add details about sizes and colors in the color chart above.


Size M is not offered regularly at our shop because of less demand - and we don´t have any items of this size in stock. If you are interested in a size M, please get in contact with us via our contact form. If your desired color is available we can order for you directly in Japan (waiting time 2-3 weeks). The price is the same as size L.

Accessoires like stockings and shoes, as might be shown in the product images, are not included in the scope of delivery .


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