N916 REALISE rubberized longsleeved frontzip swimsuit GUNMETAL

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Model / Style : N 916 "hybrid"

Mix of 900er rubberized and SSW wetlook fabric

Swimsuit | leotard | hydrasuit | sportsuit with long sleeves, 2way front zipper, highneck with small collar, normal leg cut and covered cheeks (Realise N-Back) - in a new fabric-mix "hybrid" design: body is made of the 900 series rubberized fabric and the sleeves are made of the SSW wetlook fabric.
The front zipper is designed as a 2-way-zipper and allowes seductive creative wearing options - from keyhole-look to a complete open collar. The manufacturer´s logo is on the front just little bit above the right leg cut.

Color :

Body : gunmetal (dark grey / anthracit metallic with a nuance of bronze, high metallic gloss);
Sleeves : black;

Brand / country of origin :


Fabric :

Body: "900 rubberized series", "Pure made in JAPAN ENAMEL", "Japan ENAMEL", die newest "SHINY RUBBER" version of the popular super shiny rubberized fabric from REALISE - the color "gunmetal" has a shiny metallic finish. The fabric looks like looks like latex, rubber or vinyl.
Surface: 100% polyurethane; Lining: 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane.

Sleeves: SSW, "Super Shiny Wet", a very thin and stretchy material, that is slightly glossy and feels like Lycra, Wetlook and similar fabrics.
79% polyester, 21% polyurethane.

Get more information about the 900 series rubberized fabric and the SSW-fabric at the item menu "Material", or at our Realise material page.

realise swimsuit N916 gunmetal all 1

realise swimsuit N916 gunmetal all 2


You can get this swimsuit in following color options:

  • Body: glossy navy (dark blue, high gloss metallic); Sleeves: navy (dark blue): Style N-716 navy
  • Body: gunmetal (dark grey, high gloss metallic); Sleeves: black: Style N-916 gunmetal

Size informations :

This swimsuit is produced in Japanese sizes only. We have translated this sizes to European sizes and created an detailed size chart. Please get informed about measurements and sizes before your purchase at our Realise size page.

Available sizes :

This swimsuit is only produced in Japanese sizes  M to 5L (~ UK 4 - 12/14). Size M is not offered regularly at our shop because of less demand and we don´t have any items of this size in stock. If you are interesed in a size M, please get in contact with us via our contact form, we can order for you directly in Japan (waiting time 2-3 weeks). The price is the same as size L.

Accessoires like stockings and shoes, as might be shown in the product images, are not included in the scope of delivery .


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N716 REALISE rubberized longsleeved frontzip swimsuit in navy N716 REALISE rubberized longsleeved frontzip swimsuit in navy
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