N-998-2021 REALISE "shiny rubber" swimsuit with sportback pink

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REALISE [N-998-2021] rubberized X-back swimsuit

Model N 998 2021 - sportback, pink

Body / swimsuit / leotard / hydrasuit in Realise classic N-cut, normal leg and sportback
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pink (dolly pink, light pink)




2021 Shiny Rubber series : update of the successful high-gloss rubberized material from Realise - now again in the colors: Pink, Navy and Gunmetal
Composition of the new material are not yet known, but the following information should be approximately applicable:
Surface: 100% polyurethane; Lining: 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane.

The material is very similar to the former 700 series, but it has no more a metallic shine - but the new fabric has a bit more stretch level.

REALISE shiny rubber dolly pink

Color options:

This swimsuit is available in 3 colors : dolly pink (light pink), navy (dark blue, indigo blue) and gunmetal (metallic).
Realise swimsuit N998 2021 all colors

NEW REALISE brand logo:

his swimsuits have the new brand logo on the front, in the middle above the bust


Product Note Status Price
N708 REALISE swimsuit in black with sportback JAPAN ENAMEL N708 REALISE swimsuit in black with sportback JAPAN ENAMEL
N706 REALISE JAPAN ENAMEL front zipper swimsuit in black N706 REALISE JAPAN ENAMEL front zipper swimsuit in black
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