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REALISE FB-001 catsuit full body swimsuit red

REALISE catsuit [FB-001] red
Full-body-suit with back zipper, round neck
Fabric: 2WAY - Easy Stretch; Colors: black, blue (navy), red, white

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N011 REALISE Hydrasuit classic red "Super Shiny Wet"

REALISE swimsuit [N-011] SSW, red
round neck, sportback, normal cut leg/back (Realise N-Cut);
Fabric: SSW, Super Shiny Wet

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N015 P-6 REALISE high neck Hydrasuit red-pink "Super Shiny Wet"

Model N 015 SSW P-6:

Longsleeved swimsuit / leotard / hydrasuit in classic leg cut, high neck and with back zipper.



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SRN-016 long sleeved swimsuit in red with transparent sleeves

REALISE swimsuit [SRN-016] red
Long sleeves, 2Way frontzipper, high leg, covered cheeks (N-Cut)
Body: Easy Stretch, sleeves: Mesh

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N506 REALISE front zipper swimsuit "Super Shiny Wet" in red-black

REALISE swimsuit [N-506] red-black
high neck, normal cut leg/back (N-Cut), small collar, front zipper.
Fabric: SSW, Super Shiny Wet

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T506 REALISE thong frontzipper swimsuit "SSW" in red-black

REALISE thong swimsuit [T-506] red-black
high neck, high leg, thong back, small collar, front zipper.
Fabric: SSW, Super Shiny Wet.

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KN5033 REALISE Hydrasuit classic red "SW Shadow Striped"

Model KN 5033 Striped red:

Body / hydrasuit / swimsuit / leotard, in classic cut with sportback; contrast color



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85RQ96 MIZUNO rubberized Waterpolo swim briefs in red

MIZUNO waterpolo swimsuit briefs [85RQ96] in red
rubberized swim briefs / trunks with back part of net fabric
Band is elastic and adjustable

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