Realise 900s rubberized series


900s rubberized seriesJAPAN ENAMEL, the end 2016`s update of the famous "Shiny Rubber"-fabric. The 900s fabric has a medium thickness (like the 000s, 300s and 700s series) and is totally opaque - even when wet. 

The 900s series are available in the stunning color: gunmetal (dark grey / anthracite grey metallic with a light nuance of bronze). This fabric absolutely looks like high gloss latex (rubber), the surface even feels like.

Stretch level : medium - please refer to our sizechart.

Table: 100% polyurethane; lining: 85% polyurethane, 15% polyamid (nylon).

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N-996-2021 REALISE "shiny rubber" front zipper swimsuit in GUNMETAL

Realise N-996-2021 gunmetal
highneck swimsuit with 2way front zipper
Style "N" - normal cut

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N999 2021 REALISE "Reflector Pipe" swimsuit in GUNMETAL

Realise N-999-2021 Gunmetal
Swimsuit with back zipper and reflector pipes
Style "N" - normal cut

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N998 REALISE swimsuit in GUNMETAL with sportback

Realise N-998 2021 gunmetal
classic swimsuit | leotard | hydrasuit with sportback
Style "N" - normal cut

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N997-2021 REALISE rubberized waterpolo swimsuit GUNMETAL

Realise N-997-2021 gunmetal
highneck swimsuit | leotard with back zipper
Style "N" - normal cut

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N916 REALISE rubberized longsleeved frontzip swimsuit GUNMETAL

Realise N-916 "hybrid" GUNMETAL
longsleeved highneck swimsuit with front zipper
Style "N" - normal leg and back cut

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