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BIG Realise RESTOCK time in December 2015

posted at 24.11.2015

REALISE Restock of N-015 and N-037 SSW

Coming back in stock in all sizes and colors: longsleeved style N-015 and the sporty style N-037. The manufacturer told me it will be available at my store in the middle of December - so there is enough space till Christmas ;-)

Place your pre-order for style N-015 SSW

Place your pre-order for style N-037 SSW


REALISE Restock of N-008 SH swimsuits in size 5L


in the beginning (approx. in the first week) of December there will be a restock of REALISE style N-008SH in black and size 5L.

Since 6 weeks now this style is sold out in size 5L, so we hardly can wait for the restock. The Pre-order is in process, so you can already save your own piece now.

Place your pre-order here

N008 realise shiny rubber 5L

SAFERPAY creditcard-payment for cultulu online shop

We have also some NEWS about our online shop. Now you can also pay your purchase by credit card. We have added SAFERPAY to offer you more payment flexiblity. Saferpay accepts credit cards from VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and Diners Club.


If you have any questions - don´t hesitate to ask me. Please use the contact form

Have a nice day and best greetings,


Below you can see a preview of the new swimsuit style N-309 - available at approx. February 2016

n309 realise preview bild

Photo: "GleamCOS"    Model: Umi
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Kommentare: 1

Marcus Enthofer |
AW: BIG Realise RESTOCK time in December 2015
We are sorry, but some colors were already SOLD OUT in no time. N-015 in color P-1 (white, sax), P-3 (white, light pink) and P-7 (purple, white) are not available any more. Maybe there will be a new restock in the middle of the year, but I am not sure. Best regards.
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