HS Highneck

HS Highneck

Hydrasuit | Wetsuit | Swimsuit with high neck, small collar, normal back (Model Typ N), normal leg cut and zipper at the back.

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N030 REALISE highneck hydrasuit black "Super Shiny Wet"

This item is discontinued and sold out - no restock

N1020 REALISE "SECONDSKIN" highneck see through swimsuit in white

The item is sold out - no restock
Product update : N-2020

N709 REALISE "Reflector Pipe" swimsuit in black JAPAN ENAMEL

This item is sold out. No pre-orders possible.

N997HL REALISE rubberized waterpolo swimsuits in 3 colors

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N999HL REALISE rubberized swimsuits in 3 colors

from 195.90 *
Old price 209.90 €
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