CULTULU product-NEWs (at 23rd of December 2017) : 

  • Arrived at start of December 2017POOLSIDER & REALISE Coop rubberized Bikini [BK-001], in 5 colors 
  • New product line: ITALIAN SHEER swimsuits [N-2001][T-2001][N-2020] and [T-2020] in 4 colors and up to size 5L
  • REALISE Japan full-body-suit | catsuit style [FB-001] available in a new color since November 2017: FB-001 in white  
  • REALISE Japan long sleeved swimsuits with frontzipper and transparent sleeves [SRN-016] - available in 5 color options (black, grey, navy, red, white) and up to size 3L.
  • REALISE Japan full-body-suit | catsuit style [FB-001] have arrived at start of August 2017 - available up to size 5L and in colors: black, blue, red
  • OCEANLINE new neoprene swimsuits added to our product range: [Victoria] with front zipper and [Paola] with back zipper
  • REALISE Japan longsleeved frontzipper waterpolo swimsuits of the rubberized 700 and 900 series with the styles [N-716] in glossy navy and [N-916] in gunmetal have arrived in March - attention : strictly limited 1st edition - the restock is not sure, but still some pieces left in stock.
  • REALISE Japan new rubberized swimsuit 700 series with styles [N706] glossy navy - [N706] matt black - [N708] glossy navy - [N708] matt black - have arrived at 4th of October 2016. All 700 series swimsuits are available up to size 5L.
  • REALISE Japan rubberized 900 series swimsuits in stunning metallic color "gunmetal" - available in styles [N906] - [N907] - [N908] - [N909] - were restocked in December 2016. All styles are available up to size 5L.
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